What Do You Want For Christmas?

Daily Devotion Posted by Pastor Shane on December 19, 2018

What do you want out of Christmas? What is it that would make your Christmas wonderful? I hear many people complain about Christmas each year and make comments that they dread Christmas. It seems that at time that many people are disappointed by Christmas because it did not deliver what they were expecting. Friend, Christmas is not the problem. The problem is we are always looking for the wrong things when we are disappoited or not happy about Christmas.

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Hospitality! (Part III)

Weekly Devotional Study Posted by Pastor Shane on November 4, 2018

This week we will conclude our three-part devotional on "Hospitality." Here we see where they have finally made it to the church at Damascus. Verse 24 says that the Jewish enemies were watching the gate around the clock in an attempt to catch Saul. Then verse 25 reads, "Then the disciples took him by night, and let him down by the wall in a basket."

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Online Sermon Series

Posted by Pastor Shane on November 18, 2018

WHEN LIFE HURTS! Every person on this planet has had heartache…disappointments…everybody has had times in their life when the lights of their life went out. Pastor Shane will share from God's Word and teach you how to turn your misery into ministry.
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